You are not lazy but it seems your score in destiny is a little less than zero. I know you work your possible best.

I know the feel: “It just doesn’t work for me! Destiny is brutal”, you say. Yes, destiny is brutal and spunky when the rights are not in the right. The worst is when the right buttons are pressed and nothing still works.

Destiny’s buttons will play on you till God says “jack”.

Here is where some folks begin to think of sin. True, it may be the cause but it is not always the case. You may do a sanctity check to be sure of your stand. That is wise, but know that your sinlessness does not excite nor appease the system of this world. The system of the world by default operates like Babylon and it fights against the destiny of every soul. The greater the assignment of God on your life, the greater and fiercer the battles you face. You do not like it, right? I too.

I have seen the brutality of destiny and her rocky nature. I have also seen her spunky, prickly and peppery side too. It feels like it sounds!

But why do some seem to bore their ways into fine destinies but some face gruesome trials on every turn? The answer lies in the tongue of destiny. It is complex. It is sharp. Destiny has tough and rough symmetry. Yet destiny always balances up when you face the challenge as you should. It may appear wrecking your back, draining your energy and even tearing you down but it you continue with God you will smile before the game is over.

It is true you have tried and failed twice that number. I have walked it through, and I still do. The feel of it is just like you feel, like quitting. But will quitting solve the problem?

The table can turn. I am not being optimistic. I am opening you up with a spiritual concept. Do not mind that you tried and failed. The contrast equivalent of your persecutions, pains and aches is the quality and quantum of your personhood and place in destiny God wants you to be.

I do not speak like a know-it-all, neither a naïve entity. Many times I do know what the season I am in or even what I am doing. But for the clearest prediction, the journey through destiny can be an odd walk. Yet I know there is a hand carving the way, a step at a time and phase by phase. The beauty is all these leads to one challenge to another and then from one greatness into greatness.

I do not enjoy the ride when it is rough times but I have learnt to talk less, pray and trust God. Talking with men has done more harm than good. There are some issues counselors–good and spiritual–will only complicate. It takes you facing God and Him facing you. Because sometimes He needs you to grow like the butterfly, through the pains.

Just remember, the making of the soul of destiny is not flamboyant. But it has some frustrations. It has more scars. It has more rejections and objections. It has many misrepresentations of your personhood and it has some self-regrets. Yet it is also the humbling tool of the Lord.

Unfortunately, this is where and why many destinies run down the drain. They think quitting is the end-click of their fate. If all who were endowed with surpassing abilities and divine gifts were patient and ready to go through the dark, rocky and shadows of death, the world would have been better.

So, what is your stand? Will you be patient in the pains and come out refined or you will choose to jump out of divine mandate to be a-nobody in the sight of God?

Be robust than Job in times like these since our dispensation is slippery than Job’s. Satan is growing in wisdom and in evil understanding of men. He will try to make you dangle and to dissuade you anyway and by every means he can. So if you want destiny as defined of you by God, get ready for Satan! But with God there is no room for fear.

You will cry many times along the journey. God will not explain lots of things. He will not take away lots of situations you think He should and He will sometimes allow complex happenings your way. I mean He will test and allow Satan to tempt you but never above that which you can overcome.

See such times as cleansing moments and stay with God. These are times God purges, rewires, strengthens and stirs up spiritual muscles. Get up. Be valiant for the fight.



The time to introduce the rod is when you have to terminate an evil seed wanting to spring up in your ward; when something must be righted before it gets out of hand. When it gets to such time, give the rod duly. Do not fear for he will not die. If you do not, you will regret it one way or the other.

Help your child with the rod of correction to help yourself.

This is because a wayward child can harass and kill you emotionally. An errant child can torment your spiritual life too because they can be powerful ministers in the hands of the enemy.

It is time to go against the norm and some foul cultures of civilization and introduce the rod when the need arises. Withhold not correction from the child: for if thou beatest him with the rod, he shall not die. Thou shalt beat him with the rod, and shalt deliver his soul from hell” (Proverbs 23:13-14).

The age leaves the impression that disciplining children is evil. It supports indiscipline and child right in the wrong context. The current world system suggests ways to handle issues which only the rod of correction can rectify by the grace of God. Today, bodies, co-operations and organizations turn to pick up on many who correct the foolish heart of children with the rod. It is that worse that children are reporting their parents to the law court for such gentle corrections. But believers should not forget that the world has no answer to offer the Church. She must not dictate to us but rather envy and emulate our godly modalities in the Lord. But if this must be, it is up to us.

Now I do not mean we go about beating children. I am talking about correcting them in love and with care. The Bible ’s term is to use the rod of correction.

If we leave our children in the hands of circular bodies or seemingly Christian bodies that prohibit the use of the rod of correction, our destinies, not only those of our children are doomed. What we need to know is many Churchy Churches are not of God and they serve the devil’s need to contaminate and fill up the world with false hope. In fact, they seek to taint the Church.

You as parent should first arise and take dominion over the spirit of your children in prayers. Secondly, never neglect needed corrections in your child(ren)’s life. I do not mean flogging your child every slight thing.

Sometimes cane could be a bad rod. Sometimes it not the needed rob per the situation. In fact it not the only available rod (but it is what the Bible is talking about in the text). How, when, where and on whom you use it is what matters.

One powerful rod is rebuke and a careful and stun looks. Sometimes your child has to see the red-eye part of you, not meaning the scary part but the part of you that says “you cannot cross this line and go free”. So set the boundary. Do not be incorrigible like Eli who spared the rod and lost his children and his own life. Scripture reveal he did not die a natural death. Though old, he died an untimely death because he raised undisciplined children.

But will strokes and rods of correction work it all in together? I doubt, but coupled with prayers and the grace of God all will be well.

I say this because fight is more than physical. It is a battle for the soul and it is a fierce one. Know how to engage in the war room.

Download the PDF here for free.



Your child is to you the most important aside your own soul. Money is not; fame never comes close and business connections are far from talk. Friends?  Well, they may be pearls but despite how wonderful they may be they cannot equal the value of your child.

Hold your child with precious hands.

You know why? Apart from your own soul, God will query you fiercely about your child (biological or adopted) than He would about anything. It is that serious that the Bible says “if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” (1 Timothy 5:8).

Many parents care much of the earthly provisions they give their children. That is fine. But the problem is they care less of the spiritual destiny of their children. (Destiny here is broader than this article can expound).

But suffice to say that the next important to your soul is your child(ren’s) destiny. You cannot take a secondary look at it. Give it a critical look. It will hurt you now or someday near if you neglect this.

Listen. God will not question you much of your friend going to hell as he would of your seed! Both ends will call for hot questioning but the latter will be worse and fiercesome and even gruesome to your soul on the day of judgement.

I have written on the value of caring for your child in past articles. But in this I write on the odd parents do.

Many Christian parents care less about the spiritual state and growth of their children. One odd is the reluctance of parents to buy Bible for their wards. Simple as it sounds, it is bleeding God’s heart. It seems valueless to them. Some ask “what does this child know that they can read a Bible?” And because ministers will not kick their children out of church for not having Bible, they wallow in this foul behavior.

However, these same parents rush to buy academic books before their children are sent home from school. They care for the academic books which may cost thrice or more times the Bible. Some even take them on credit.

Even for those who buy Bibles for their children, is it a ‘standard’ Bible that they can make essential references? Is it a Bible they can dig information – history, chats, figures, etc – added to the exact wordings of the Bible?

I do not intend to rain an attack. I am simply getting brutal at what parents do that will hurt the future and destiny children and themselves.

These young ones are God’s treasure and the hope of the church of Christ.

Listen. Satan is raising militant army, armed with wrong doctrines (1Timothy 4:1), well informed lairs and deluded personnels, equipped to dissuade and sway shallow rooted believers into the dark. And for your information, they less likely will get you but not your children. Our children are in danger if we live them dry.

What is the way out? Buy them good commentary Bible, concordance, etc that will enrich their spiritual lives to stand for Christ in the coming darker days. Much more, train them with the Word. Study with them. Pray with and for them. Challenge them with your life and point them to Jesus.

So then there is hope, though we have left much to chance. But I will sound a warning. Never leave the spiritual rising of your children to chance and time. Never leave it to Sunday school teachers either. It is one of the vain things a parent can ever do. Yes, Sunday school teacher may do their part, but God has primarily committed your child(ren) to you not them.

Dear parent, as you await the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, ponder if you will indeed rejoice seeing your child in Hell on that day?

It is a solemn plea. Give your chid(ren) a good Bible. Care for them for they are precious. Nurture your child(ren) as Hannah, the mother of prophet Samuel did.

Due to the spiritual hard work of both the grandmother and mother of Timothy, Paul witnessed “And that from a child thou hast known the holy scriptures, which are able to make thee wise unto salvation through faith which is in Christ Jesus” (2 Timothy 3:15).

That is an eternal testimony. May yours be same.



We, like Job often blame God for being too merciful. This we do when the tornado is not against us. When someone does us evil, we wish God could “teach him a lesson.”

Consider the blasphemy an atheist spits on our faces about the God we cherish and adore. We feel God should teach him a life lesson. What we forget is that God never execute judgment by your timing.

God knows His time. Don’t teach Him.

God looks into the details we cannot see; He considers the future of the atheist and spares him. But we do not understand why and thus begin grumbling. Many of us are like Prophet Job. We are unmerciful and wicked at heart despite the smiling faces we carry outwardly. (I hope you are different).

Think of this. How do you know that in God’s infinitives He will bring salvation to a whole city, a nation or even a section of the world through the offspring of this atheist? How do you know? How do you know God wants this blasphemous atheist saved through the ministry of his or her own offspring? How do you know divine providence have it that this offspring will stay with the atheist parent, learn of his manners, beliefs systems, and world views, and later become an instrument of God, fighting the good fight of faith? Such a person understands the atheism better and can attack it better compared to someone who joined latter years? How do you know this offspring will be God’s battle ax to root atheism? Odd as this sounds Apostle Paul is a classic claim.

The question is how can you know God has let this happening to thrive to its ripening where He will then act to harvest countless souls into the kingdom? (I do not say this to justify sinning.) For God could use this situation to confound the atheist toward converting him to Christ.

We need not grudge God, even if we have prayed a thousand hours for sinners’ salvation and they seem nothing better but grow worse. Yes, pray. Though they seem to be enemies of God and trouble your heart with blasphemies against God, pray for them and their posterity. Commit them into God’s hands. It is of this Jesus said “Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you; That ye may be the children of your Father which is in heaven: for he maketh his sun to rise on the evil and on the good, and sendeth rain on the just and on the unjust” (Matthew 5:44-45).

I emphasis on ministering to (their) children than any age group. I do not say leave the old folks but give greater attention to these cherished children. They are God’s hope and instruments. Here is the truth: If you build cathedrals for old folks without hosting the destiny of children on the altar of prayer, you will live to roast your fingers. You will taint your history!

So understand God. Or you may not understand, just walk in faith and never wish evil for the wicked for “God is angry with the wicked every day” (Psalm 7:11). A sinner may sin, blaspheme, curse and do countless odds, never mind. Just intercede for them and much more their children.

Remember, God has an odd mathematics. In it is the revelation of His eternal love. The love that warns.



Parents are doors to certain blessings of God for their children and posterity. Yet they can be gates for satanic entry and works in their family if they play the careless.

In many ways, you are not safe unless your child is safe.

Many great destinies have been built due to proper parental covering in the spirit realm. Sadly, a lot more have been ruined due to the lack of such cover. As a parent you have the duty to serve as a spiritual cover for your children in all matters once they are under your care. Even when they are married, lineage demands you do not thwart the cover over them either through sin, carelessness, negligence or whatever odd. This is because once they are your seeds they do not depart from your spiritual authority entirely. Never toy with this principle.

Parental cover is vital. Parents, “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5:8). You see, he seeks to devour your children (born or unborn). Apostle Peter says he only seeks a certain class of people: those he may devour. He can devour your children if you are not sober and vigilant, whether you and your children are born-again or not. That is, Satan can devour if you do not erect a proper spiritual cover for your child(ren).

You owe your children the duty to preserve them under strict spiritual protection. Do not throw an empty statement that God is their Protector. If merely so, why pray? Or why not sleep all day, trusting God for food since He is also your Provider? The truth is, you are part of the workings of God. You are to provide this safe spiritual environment because, “if any provide not for his own [children], and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” (1 Timothy 5:8). Consequently, he opens his family to satanic attacks. Play your part and leave the rest to God.

But how can you provide this protection if you are not covered yourself? To say you are protected by the blood of the Lamb without biblical faith actions backing your profession is a cheap saying. You can be sure for an attack.

Peter warns believers to be sober and not ignorant or carefree. Doing that grants Satan an advantage.

So, where do you get covered? Your covering comes at your obedience to God the Father, submission to the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, yielding to the sweet Holy Spirit, ardency in prayer and the study of the word. There is no sure other way.

The beauty is, doing these, your children copy it along and build for themselves a sure destiny.

Challenge: Be for your children a spiritual cover!

Can we chat about this post? Drop your take, expectations and possible topics you would like to be covered the weeks following.

You are my best!



One divine blessing many hate is pain. Do you like it? Not a whisper.
Yet medical science thinks contrary to your hate for it. They agree it is good for your health to the degree it is controlled. That way, it builds your social robustness system without breaking your immune system. That is, pain is good to the point it does not rule your mind.

In fact, pain strengthens your general make-up. It builds awareness system into your body for the future as a shock absorber. This makes it possible for your body to adjust to similar conditions in the future.
Headache is a fine example. Can you reconcile the joy of the last headache you battled? You felt your head wrung off. But did it?

Pain signals internal fault.

So what use is pain? It prompts something is wrong in your being – spirit, soul or body. Ever thought of that? Maybe not.
Did you know you could suffer illness without pain? Then, living becomes fatal because death becomes the obvious.

What then? Should suffer pain on every turn? Far from it. But when you run into one, take the right mind and hold yourself. Do not allow your mind to dwindle nor glide you into its destructions. Do not feed on your feelings. Hold your mind strong.

Understand pain is part of humans. You cannot avoid it all together. But you can harness it to your advantage. Your productivity is directly proportional to your ability to harness pain in the arena from which you suffer it.

Pain could be a bleak or blissful. Which is your take?

I think this powerful quote from one of the most spiritual men who ever lived will.

“We are troubled on every side, yet not distressed; we are perplexed, but not in despair; Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; Always bearing about in the body the dying of the Lord Jesus, that the life also of Jesus might be made manifest in our body (2 Corinthians 4:8-10).



Conviction informs concrete spiritual decisions. And your identity is the fruit of your conviction. That is you are turned either ways depending on your personal convictions.

But only build convictions of truths anchored on biblical grounds and not denominational concepts. Thus, believe and hold to biblical teachings not because a church taught them but because God commands.

Why do I say this? Because, the greatest harm you can do your spirit and soul is to contradict your convictions. It will vex your soul sour. Friends and family may press you to align with their convictions. If you do, it shows how unstable you are.

These latter times, truth will appear false and lie will appear truthful. So, before things get out of hands, you must your biblical convictions and stay with them. And be ready for the test of conviction – fierce, forceful and even frightening.
But stand for whatever truth you know from scriptures after rightly dividing the word of truth, comparing scriptures with scriptures. Reflect on Job’s account. No Bible character tackled such torrential tearing forces like Job. Despite, he prevailed. The bottom line for his ability is his unshakable PERSONAL conviction – he knew his identity! He built it strong, fast and firm.

His friends accused him of sin, hence the plagues in his life. But he insisted another force and factor is at work against him not the force of sin. He was sure of his right standing with God. And he was right. Was he not? You have a choice; the choice to prevail. And you must not compromise.
That is an encouragement. That is forewarning.

Now to core of the subject, the daunting dressing doctrinal debate.
“I am a Christian, (name of church concealed)… am a seamstress. With reference to Deuteronomy 22:5 concerning Christian dressing, “Can sew trousers for ladies/women?”” Let us read Deuteronomy 22:5;

“The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God.”

The online Mariam Webster’s dictionary defines the word “pertain” as to belong as a part…to belong as an attribute, feature, or function…to belong as a duty or right….to be appropriate to something. So it suggests if a thing is appropriate to a woman (ladies) then it is inappropriate to men (gentlemen) in this context of this scripture. I hope this sets a good tone and common ground to reason along this journey of exploration?

Can a female Christian wear trouser, biblically?

The first question to ask is, “What did women (Jewess) and men (Jew) in this passage wore?” Whatever each wore pertains to that identity group – male or female. And each group should not wear the inappropriate, the one the opposite wears. Right? The follow up question is, “How technological advancement has fashioned appropriate wear of each group?” (Do not forget technology only thrives on principles. So we cannot say revolution of each appropriate wear is not biblical for the respective group once it does not cross scriptural boundary of exposing nakedness.) Finally “What is the take of God on change versus His eternal word?”

First, scholars say Jewess wore katastol in those days. Men did not wear that because it belonged as an attribute, feature, or function to females. Crossing the line becomes abomination. But what is katastole? It is a long flowing garment with no partition in-between it, unique to females in the design and knowledge of God. Does it have any reflection and command in the New Testament? It does.

Apostle Paul by apostolic unction said, “…I speak the truth in Christ, and lie not;)… In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array.” (1Timothy 2:9) Apparel here is the translated word, katastole. Clearly the New Testament agrees it is for women.

A female folk argued the Deuteronomy passage means that if a female wears a trouser, a man cannot wear the same trouser but if it is new then any of the two can wear it without breaking biblical injunction. It is a hell lie!

How do I know? I know this for what the passage says. The counter argument is whether a male can wear skirt (katastole in the definition of the Bible) – new or old? The answer is obvious. Whether it is new or old, we choose our decision based on what God instructs not human knowledge, technological dictates or self-desires.

But I will not get surprised if men of this generation start to wear skirt – and some have begun. To tell me knowledge is increasing so we can give in is like saying it is sinless to fornicate with condom, hoping the condom offers protection from direct skin-to-skin contact. But fornication is more than that. You understand?
The hour to eternity is near thus, Satan is coating everything good to be evil and everything evil to be good to appeal to the carnal and shallow Christian – the Christians without personal scriptural convictions.

Next, what did men in the Bible (and in Deuteronomy 22:5 commanded to) wear? Breeches. In fact, nearly all references to wearing breeches were for the priest. No female ever wore it and no man ever wore katastol in the Jewish setting. A twist of it is an abomination.

Examine Exodus 28:41-43; 39:27-29; Leviticus 6:9-11; 16:4 and Ezekiel 44:18. You will see that all these scriptures have the word breeches. Some Bible translations call it trousers. The usage of breeches (trousers) is in reference to males only. These are the only references in the Bible (King James Version) that directly use the word breeches (Deuteronomy 5:22 is a broader one). So what is the conclusion? Does the Bible permit sisters to wear trousers or not? I leave that to your judgment. If no, can they sew what God forbids for their friends? I think the answer is with you knowing that he “that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.” (James 4:17). So likewise he or she who knows something is evil and goes ahead to do if for a friend has supported and committed sin. Right?

But you may ask if we are Jews. We are not. But Jews are used for our prototype. In fact, they were the church in the wilderness.
So here is my word. You may not wear the trousers yourself but sewing it for a female or woman means you certify it. If then, remember Romans 1:32.

But I think you have a good heart. You have the heart to seek and know God. So follow God. Let go of those trouser-wanting-customers and go for God. Let go of the riches and fame it promises to sew trousers and gain your Lord. Grab Jesus and do not let Him go. All these are part of the cross Jesus spoke about.

Always remember it is not what people approve or disapprove that matters. It is what God says that matters. It may sound foolish but the foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men.

The road to heaven is thorny and many times itchy. It is not always sweet. “Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it” (Matthew 7:14).

If you feel to contact me please do so. Act right, all.



NO FISHERMAN FISH ALONE – with dry hands, empty hook, no bait; no vehicle moves without its appropriate fuel – kerosene, petrol, diesel, electricity or something. There must always be that helping force. It is the same with kingdom pursuits. I cannot preach the gospel alone and you cannot either. The task is great!

In the household of faith, some are empower with the auditory, some with visuals, and others like me wields power in the print media; others to via technical or some modern means. The path to propagate the gospel keeps scaling every time.

But I believe we work in an integrated way though we may never meet for once, physically. We do not need to meet but in heaven we shall to celebrate our works through eternity. Despite, we do not fight here on earth because it is kingdom work which ought to be done the kingdom way – in love, faith, unity and in purity.

I call you to join hands with me in publishing the good news of Jesus Christ’s salvation for all men and its associate packages – sanctification, Spirit’s baptism, healing and health, etcetera, to the millions round the world. We are to hit all nations of the world with the whole Counsel of God.

I proclaim the gospel through writing and as true as everything, I need financial help. I call on kingdom children, financers and helpers of the course of Jesus Christ to help. The MOMO number is 0546769596 (Enock Oguah). You can WhatsApp me for any enquiry via the same number.

For those using MOMO, indicate your gift with the reference, KINGDOM. Here is your free e-book of Luncheon Love, a book educating the young and old, especially the young about love.

Always remember wisdom and knowledge precedes love in all things. Love according to wisdom and counsel not merely by feel or even love per se. God showed His love by the same approach when He gave Jesus Christ to the world “being delivered by the determinate counsel and foreknowledge of God (Acts 2:23). Here is the link for your cherished Luncheon Love.

Lord, honor our labuor with multitudes of souls through our yielding to the core mandate of life while we watch and await Your coming. In Jesus name, Amen.



Sometimes seeming trivial matter takes strong influence on our destinies. The subject of age or accountability is one subtle one. Does it really matter? Or like some dear fellows argued about it on a WhatsApp platform: will God hold a child or a baby accountable on the Day of Judgement?

The wisdom of God know how to handle all situations.

These are simple but puzzles to many. But God has answers to these questions. Referencing the argument made on the platform, some believed babies born today or few days will be accountable to God. At the same time others holds the opposite. What is interesting is all these people are dear Christians. The point is they are sincere and hungry for the truth just as you.

But whether or not a child will be judge on the judgement day should be based on balanced biblical truth. What does the Bible say? Biblically we know “it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment (Hebrews 9:27). It is obvious then every born person will be judged. But leaning on an arm will result in problems. In fact that is the birth of present day false prophets. To draw conclusion, we must compare scriptures with scriptures.

Look at these scriptures:

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.” (Romans 10:9, 13)

You see the requirement for salvation? So the question is how can babies confess with their mouths the name Jesus? So you see every one that can be born again should be able to confess verbally that “I accept Jesus and I repent of my sins.” Can babies do that? Do they really know what is right and wrong? Because one can only get saved after acknowledging his wrong doings and confessing them with a repentant heart.  Is it possible with children? Selah.

Now do not go for the cheap statement that every child is a thief; that they coil monies kept besides them into their hands. Well, if you do fine – and it means you have labelled that act as an adamic sin. But then remember you have crossed the line into talking about adamic sin and committed sins. That’s another subject all together. In fact no man goes to hell because of adamic sin but committed sin. So anyone who is in hell is aware of his or her committed sins. Hard, right? Sure but true.

You see there is no fixed age in the Bible that when you reach you are accountable. But once a person knows good from evil he is fully accountable. That is why parent must take authority over the spirits of their children till they reach that age and decide for Jesus. In fact you can rule the spirit of your children before the state of conception! And it is important. Why? Because the devil has been at work for them long before. You don’t need to toy around.

Now the other point is punchy. Anyone who accepts Jesus must get baptised. Can an infant or baby be baptised? Not a blink biblical thought. Quoting the book of Act where the prisoner and his house got save is a flat point. Because it will mean the infants, if at all there were, were baptise. You remember it is unbiblical?

So to attend a seminary or combing the bible for a specific age is like searching for holiness in the devil’s arena. Or if this statement will appease you let it be; age of accountability is determined by God in when a person can decipher sin from sanctity – as all or responsible functional moral parts are ready for the deciphering. That is to say when a person is able to reason (I don’t mean scientific or logical reasoning in mathematics) but normal human thinking of good and evil.

So you can’t say a baby who slaps your face will go to hell. Neither can you say the infant who spat on your eye ball will suffer hell. To say that is to say he or she will go to hell for defecating on the parent’s laps. Does it hold? Selah!

But we need not struggle over points other than striving to make heaven. And the rest – the mysteries of the kingdom – let us also learn to understand to the point they add to our walk with the Lord.

Here I stand. The age of accountability is biblical but without a specific age. The phrase is a language of finite man.

Download PDF version here.



After reading this 2 minutes 2 seconds pieces let me a message to keep the discourse to flowing.

Possibly. It is real. Sometimes God will take away your friends. He will take away both trusted and loved ones, leaving you like a bottle. No, He will not depart, though it surely will appear so, at least from your point of view. A time will come when He will strip you like an onion to expose what is within you–not as though He isn’t omniscient, but that you may know your frailty and nothingness without divine aid.

God will do that if He loves you. Get your mind off what cheap Christianity of the century talks of. Let me drive the nail into your head because it contains healing balms hot enough to server all strange spiritual cells in your walk with God.

Ready for the grabbing go? God will always do the unthinkable; sometimes strange, sometimes strong, sometimes sweet, sometimes sour and sometimes seemingly strangling. There will be times when God will stretch you as though life is driven out of you. The type is a macho man squeezing water out of a cloth. Worst, not even the mightiest or noblest of angels can come to your rescue. Satan dares not. You talk of Jesus your Saviour? Well, He is the very God I am talking about.

Do not get me wrong. God is love and yet the Trainer of your destiny and greatness. But times will come when you will face the breaking, moulding and heating of the Lord. It may seem like a shipwreck and some really are. This message should prepare you to sit up. The coming days are the days God is going to prepare saints for the fiercest battle at the close of time.

If you came into the Christian race under the auspices of bread and butter, trust me, you will fall out like a melon from a cargo car. Go real least the host of hell will trample you soon. Consider Christians who came into the faith via watered gospel. How are they now? Cheap! How are they in spiritual warfare? I know what they are: weak, or rather as mashed fufu. They are out of the race. True, they are not out of church buildings, groups or even religion, but they do not have spiritual substance and meaning. Even Satan labels them less! Cheap! Worthless!

But any worthwhile Christians will have strong and sometimes seemingly tearing testing times. Are they joyful? James 1:2 gives the answer: “My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations.”

The passage talks of temptations, trying moments. It reveals you have to count it all joy, not the Father nor the Son or the Holy Spirit of grace. Which means it is not joyful, but we have to decide to dwell in joy being empowered by grace.

A brother once hit these rocky layers, and he called me, perhaps hoping God might use me to minister to him. Well, the itching moments passed like a snail walk but he could get through to me. He seemed disappointed and dejected. But it is not only him. I too have had my blow share. But you know, in either case it became a blessed hour drawing us closer to God.

Here is our problem. We always want help from spiritual people. I pray God will take away your precious ones, at least momentarily, so He can drill you into a useful Christian. Hard to say amen, right? But get ready. It is not pleasant. Some testing can be heart-aching. And as an emotional being you need to yield to the Spirit at all times through your spirit least your emotions will get you a down drift.

Yet one thing is sure; through it all learn to trust in Jesus. He is all-trusting; He is all-supportive and He is all-bearing. Because he had His lone and lonely times too; a forty days wilderness experience. Now casual reading of that account reveals Him tempted for three days. No. He was tempted every day for forty days.

Watch. “And Jesus being full of the Holy Ghost returned from Jordan, and was led by the Spirit (not Satan) into the wilderness, Being forty days tempted of the devil. And in those [forty] days he did eat nothing: and when they were ended (the forty days temptation), he afterward hungered. (Luke 4:1-2)

The three other temptations were climax or summative punchy ones (analogous to Eve’s). But praise God Jesus overcame though neither Mary, Joseph nor his cherished disciples were around to encourage him.

Let us get real. Let us go brutal. Let us go healthy. God will not answer if you pray that such thing should not happen. It sounds controversial. Yes, I am aware. But give it a thought and see if God ever used anyone in a powerful way who never had some life challenging or life-stretching exposures. Every glistering gold is tried in fire! Take it or leave it, real is real and fake is fake. You cannot get around it.

No. Do not take it too strange. Sometimes the trying or testing is as simple as facing general neglect from people without explanation. You cannot explain and they cannot either but you simply repel them.  It could be so much that people you turn to lean on will never seem to care what happen to you.

For example, you may call five or more people in few minutes and none will respond. Yet just after your call they are on call and you are on waiting. And you know the itching aching part? They never border to return your call when they are done. They might have thought to but they never do.

Then you call again it goes through but no responds. If you are a bit lucky the network will just freeze and you know what that means? The funny part is that God might have helped them to forget! It is divine appointment birthing your season in disguise – because your patience is tested.

Do not hurry to say you have lost favour or glory. You have not. You have to learn to discern the times to scale heights. Know the times, measure it and nurture it.

Time of testing and trials are seed times many of us have missed over and again. Here is wisdom: time defines itself, you choose your responds; season dawns daily, you direct your inputs and though destiny plays out differently you dig your foundations.

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